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Gnomon: NuSTORM Detector Simulation

This softare is intended for people within the NuSTORM collaboration in order to simulate the response of magentized iron sampling calorimter within nuSTORM.

The nuSTORM experiment

nuSTORM is an entry-level muon storage ring intended to produce flavor pure beams of muon neutrinos and electron antineutrinos (or electron neutrinos and muon antineutrinos when mu-minus are stored). When paired with a magnetized detector at short baseline (1 to 2 km), nuSTORM is intended to make a definitive measurement on the presence or absence of an LSND/MiniBooNE type sterile neutrino. Near detectors in the nuSTORM beam could be used to make very clean, high statistics measurements of both electron and muon neutrino cross sections.

The Letter Of Intent (LOI) that was submit to Fermilab is available here:


Gnomon is under heavy development. Tagged releases will happen soon, but in the meantime we encourage people to obtain the code directly from the git repository hosted at github:

Various services are used to aid in development. For example, hosts our documentation:

It is currently planned that all the project management will be done within the github project’s issue tracker.

There are plans for using Jenkins for continous integration but we use nothing at the moment. There are tests that can be run with nose.

There is currently no mailing list so please email the authors directly.

Support and Author list

For support, please contact the authors until there is a mailing list. For general queries, contact Christopher Tunnell.

Gnomon was developed by the following people (alphabetically):

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